Artist biography for Brent Lawrence artwork by Brent Lawrence

Brent Lawrence
Brent Lawrence is a second-generation metal sculptor from Oregon. As a child he was surrounded by nature, which became a major influence in his art. Lawrence was interested in primitive art and carefully studied the simplicity of line and natural textures and colors found in nature and in prehistoric art. Experimenting with the patina process, he discovered the secret of applying patina on stainless steel. The development of the techniques of metal fabrication and patina evolved into this stimulating and exciting art form. Lawrence prefers the steel to bronze because of its stability in adverse weather conditions. With the cave art of Europe as a point of departure, he integrates the images of the wildlife of the west into his current work.

With smoke, fire and the most primitive imagery - the ancient cave wall echoes the hopes and dreams of mankind. From its earliest evolution, mankind has expressed itself in painting and carving stories, fantasies, and hope for those who follow.

I too leave a legacy with the development of a method by which stone-like textures and wildlife images merge on stainless steel. Along with capturing the ancient feel and emotion of the shamanistic images, I use various chemicals, techniques, and equipment to recreate the fragile cave wall on a modern surface.

While creating these pieces I often reflect upon the cave dwellers of 30,000 years ago and try to capture the urgency of the images, the spiritual fascination, and the majesty of the wildlife that is depicted in my work.