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Lucky by Glenn Beck
  • Glenn Beck

  • Lucky

  • Oil
  • 60.0 " x 48.0 "
  • Henry Louis Gehrig (June 19, 1903 - June 2, 1941) was a professional American baseball player. He was a first baseman who played 17 seasons for the New York Yankees between 1923–1939. Gehrig was renowned for his prowess as a hitter and for his durability, which earned him his nickname ”The Iron Horse.“ He was honored with numerous awards and outstanding accomplishments throughout his career. Hitting 493 home runs and having 1,995 runs batted in, he continues to have the highest ratio of runs scored plus runs batted in per 100 plate appearances and per 100 games among all Hall of Fame players. In 1939, Gehrig was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame and was the first MLB Player to have his uniform number retired. 

    Glenn Beck captures Gehrig’s iconic 1939 farewell speech given at the Yankee Stadium, while Gehrig was knowingly suffering with the disease later named after him. This is remembered as one the most profound moments of American baseball history. Beck calls the painting “Lucky," referencing Gehrig’s profound and stirring gratitude during this speech. The true title, fittingly, is “Humble.”

    Proceeds of works sold will be donated to MercuryOne, one of Mr. Beck’s non-profit organizations that includes a history museum whose library is only surpassed in volume and significance by the Library of Congress and The National Archives. MercuryOne also houses education classrooms, a large first responder team for natural disasters, two anti-human trafficking teams, The Nazerene Fund, which has freed, fed and housed over 100,000 religious minority refugees from the Middle East as well as continues funding for Operation Underground Railroad.
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