Glenn Beck Works

HOPE by Glenn Beck
  • Glenn Beck

  • HOPE

  • Oil
  • 60.0 " x 48.0 "
  • This painting was inspired by an image of an orphan from WW1. In light of the recent disasters in Ukraine, the image of this young child, utterly alone, carries new and devastating significance... The father of a friend of Mr. Beck recently evacuated Ukraine, finding himself on a train surrounded mainly by women and children. Beside him was a little boy, all by himself, who cried the entire way to Poland, repeating, "they are going to kill my daddy." This heartbreaking reminder serves to point us toward what is truly important. Our children give us the will to fight and the HOPE of a better and freer tomorrow.

    Proceeds of works sold will be donated to MercuryOne, one of Mr. Beck's non-profit organizations that includes a history museum whose library is only surpassed in volume and significance by the Library of Congress and The National Archives. MercuryOne also houses education classrooms, a large first responder team for natural disasters, two anti-human trafficking teams, The Nazerene Fund, which has freed, fed and housed over 100,000 religious minority refugees from the Middle East as well as continues funding for Operation Underground Railroad.
  • $49,000