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When the Team is Up Against It by Glenn Beck
  • Glenn Beck

  • When the Team is Up Against It

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  • “When the team is up against it, when things are wrong, ask them to go in with all they’ve got… and win one for the Gipper.” So said Notre Dame football star George Gipp, ill and dying, to coach Knute Rockne in the 1920s. This became a rallying cry for the team and later for President Ronald Reagan, who played Gipp in the 1940 film Knute Rockne: All American, and was thus nicknamed “The Gipper.”

    May we all remember, when the tide seems to be against us, to “go out there with all we’ve got,” to pursue victory and success in honor of someone else, and to bring home the win, with honor, in those battles that mean most to us.

    Proceeds of works sold will be donated to MercuryOne, one of Mr. Beck's non-profit organizations that includes a history museum whose library is only surpassed in volume and significance by the Library of Congress and The National Archives. MercuryOne also houses education classrooms, a large first responder team for natural disasters, two anti-human trafficking teams, The Nazerene Fund, which has freed, fed and housed over 100,000 religious minority refugees from the Middle East as well as continues funding for Operation Underground Railroad.
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