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Karl Lansing

Karl Lansing was raised in the majestic Northern Rockies of his native British Columbia. Since the age of 12, Karl has been a taxidermist and involved in the outfitting and guide business. He truly knows his subjects inside and out.

When Karl's job in the mines in the Kootenay Region of British Columbia came to an end in the early 1990's, he decided to pursue a career with his art. He tackled two things he felt were missing in other sculptors' work: anatomical correctness and realistic detail.

Karl is an avid outdoorsman and sports enthusiast, as well as a family man. Sculpting has become a natural extension for him to portray the impact that wilderness and wildlife have in his life. He thoroughly enjoys the challenging and ever changing career that he has chosen.

Through the many diverse shows and conventions that he attends, he has found many life long friends who also share his enthusiasm for the great outdoors. Karl's continuous self-scrutiny, help him move forward in his constant quest for life-like realism in his work. This is evident in the care and precision that goes into the creation of each piece. This quality and precise detail is what sets his work apart and keeps his collectors coming back for more. He particularly enjoys working with clients on finding that unique piece that will work for them in their home or office, or outside their home or office!