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Michael Rozenvain

Michael Rozenvain was born in Kiev, in the Ukraine in 1963. He currently lives in Toronto.

After having studied at the art school of Kiev, he pursued his artistic studies at the Academy of Applied Arts in Lvov. In 1990, Rozenvain immigrated to Israel.

Since then, Rozenvain has participated in many collective and solo exhibitions. Rozenvain is also very active in the creation of fresco paintings as well as monumental works of art for prestigious hotels as well as large libraries. Since 2006, Rozenvain resides in Canada and his studio is located in Toronto.

Themes like the Mediterranean, cobblestone streets, French bistros, cafes, and orchestras are Rozenvain’ s favourites subjects. His colour scheme is rich and sultry, inviting the onlooker to hop into the painting for either a glass of wine or an espresso. Rozenvain applies many layers of paint, thus creating the illusion of depth through his highly textured canvas. His sense of composition and his agile paintbrush strokes are all elements that distinguish this artist and have made him famous worldwide.