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Michael Bingham

Michael is a former Artist at Hallmark Cards and Graduate of California’s prestigious Art Center College of Design, who has nearly 40 years of experience as a Professional Artist and Educator. As an artist, designer, builder, sculptor, painter and illustrator, he has created more than 2000 works, many of which can be found on products and in original art contained in public and private collections. Michael believes Art has the power to inspire, enlighten, and enrich all lives.  Years of experience in assisting individuals with Diverse Abilities (Disabilities) in the classroom and in the community, has taught him that everyone can participate in expressing themselves thru the arts when their unique abilities are revealed.

Michael’s love for learning and insatiable curiosity keeps him continually exploring different technics and media, constantly looking for new ideas he can pass along to his students. This drive also motivated him to recently complete a MFA degree in Art at USU despite the process being interrupted by a nearly life ending accident. As an Educator, Michael has been named Utah’s Art Educator of the year by two different organizations. He has received the the Governor’s Golden Key “Ace Educator” Award and is the former UAEA  (Utah Art Education Association)  State representative for all High School Art Teachers in the state. 

(Learn more about Michael and his views on education by watching his TEDxUSU talk)


Michael and wife Suzanne are the parents of seven children and have 10 Grandchildren so far.